EFT Supervision Groups

Supervision Groups — Online and with EFT supervisors based in Britain

Supervision groups are a great way of staying motivated and progressing in your EFT development with a peer group and supervisor.
Up to four of the eight hours of supervision needed for certification may be gained in the group as long as participants are presenting their own work and getting feedback from the supervisor.

Isabel Bristowe, ICEEFT certified EFT therapist and candidate supervisor

Monthly groups on Wednesdays 3-5pm. Group will be a maximum of 6 members at a cost of £40 per session attended. Members are expected to make a commitment to attend most sessions and we will set the dates about 3-4 months ahead to ensure a minimum of 3 members per session. Participants must have completed an EFT Externship

We start with a check in on self, you & EFT and set the agenda by particular needs on a case/s, EFT queries. Participants show videos of their client work and can expect supportive feedback – this will be supported by focussing on EFT interventions and doing role plays

Joy Wanless MSc. B.A. ICEEFT Certified Supervisor and therapist; BACP Accredited Psychotherapist

What gives you energy for your work? I feel encouraged, inspired and energised in my EFT supervision groups.

I currently run two groups monthly, both on Thursdays, 8 – 10 am. My commitment is to keep the group to a maximum of five. There is a space in each group. I am also happy to start a third group, with a minimum of three people, if three of you want to journey together. The group is interactive and experiential. We check in and identify common themes for learning, work with each other’s recordings, tease out choice points in the therapy. We then role play. The feedback and reflection usually offer great take aways.

Sarah McConnell, MA, EFT supervisor & therapist.

The group is held online monthly on Saturday mornings from 10 am – noon and the cost is £35 per person. Participants must have completed an EFT Externship and must be working with a minimum of one couple. The group will be small – a maximum of 6 people and a minimum of 3 people.

The group is ongoing and open (ie people can join at any time). Participants don’t have to commit to every session but we must have a minimum of 3 people every month. We start with a check in from everyone and set the agenda at the check in. We discuss cases, participants show videos of client work and receive supportive feedback, we discuss EFT interventions or topics and do role plays. We also show videos of EFT sessions by Sue and others where pertinent.

Gulya Diyarova, MSc Tavistock, PGDip Relate Inst, EFT therapist and supervisor.

Two EFT supervision groups are held monthly on Friday 10 am – noon with a maximum of 7-8 participants, and the cost is £40 per person. To preserve confidentiality and safety of the group these are closed groups with a commitment to attend all sessions, except one if needed.

Format of the work: we start with some didactic/theoretical material on clinically relevant themes, such as the EFT map, EFT Tango, assembling emotion, Polyvagal theory & EFT, working with highly ambivalent couples in EFT, etc, discuss therapists’ cases with EFT focus and video/audio extracts of the work where possible, give supportive feedback, do role plays on the basis of the presented material, discuss clinical and ethical dilemmas, paying specific attention to EFT skills and interventions, and similar.

Sandra Taylor, PhD, EFT trainer, supervisor & therapist.

I run 3 monthly supervision groups: Tuesday 10 – 12, Tuesday 1 – 3, and Thursday 11 -1.

Each has a maximum of 7 members each, cost is £40 per session attended. People are expected to make a commitment to attend most sessions and dates are available about 3-4 months ahead.

The format of the group is usually: checking in – self and you and EFT; presentations from 2 group members e.g. session video clips, client query, theme, skill, & discussion/feedback; discussion/role play; ending.