EFIT Certification

Outline of basic requirements

  • Licensed or registered to practice psychotherapy in the state/province/region in which the applicant resides.
  • Current clinical therapy practice (must include some individuals).
  • Proof of malpractice insurance.
  • Membership in ICEEFT.
  • An ICEEFT-endorsed EFIT Essentials led by a Certified EFT Trainer: 24 hours over 4 days (or EFIT 1 and 2).
  • 10-hour Mastering Skills and Overcoming Challenges with EFIT: A Consultation Program” with a focus on mastering stuck places.
  • Minimum 6 hours of Additional EFIT Courses from the list of approved training videos (includes courses produced by ICEEFT and by PESI).
  • Supervision (min. of 8 hours) by a Certified ICEEFT Trainer, EFIT Supervisor, or approved EFIT Supervisor Candidate, which can include 4 hours of group supervision. Individual supervision may be with two people. Supervision can be face-to-face or long distance. ICEEFT requires that every effort be made to protect the confidentiality of the client. ICEEFT is not responsible for supervisors’ actions in this regard.
  • Required Reading: A Primer for Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT): Cultivating Fitness and Growth in Every Client” by Susan M. Johnson and T. Leanne Campbell, 2022. Routledge.
  • Video Submission Requirements: Applicants are asked to provide a minimum of two therapy excerpts with transcripts. The emphasis for certification is the therapist’s use of the EFT Tango to process emotion and create moments of secure connection with more vulnerable parts of self that allow these parts to be integrated. The excerpts are to be a minimum total of 20 minutes each. If you want the supervisor to review certain segments of the same session, please submit the entire session and indicate the minute times of the excerpts to be reviewed. Excerpts are to be video sessions. Zoom sessions are acceptable. Audio sessions are not acceptable. A case conceptualization for each client in the video excerpt(s) is to be submitted and should include a summary of presenting problem, attachment history, cycle, case progress to date, and therapist self reflections – see below for further information. A video release form is also required for each excerpt. For more information regarding the video submission guidelines, please refer to EFIT Certification Video Submission Guidelines.

Application Procedure to become a Certified Emotionally Focused Individuals Therapist

Payment Process

The fee for review and administration is $600.00* CAD. ICEEFT provides discounts for members in countries with low per capita Gross National Income. If an applicant is from a country outside of North America and their country’s gross national revenue is below the North American standard. The following sliding fee scale applies for the ICEEFT Therapist Certification process and is based on the Gross National Income (GNI) per capita, Atlas method, of the world’s countries:

  1. Applicants for ICEEFT certification from countries whose GNI is $30,000 or more will pay the standard application fee of $600.
  2. Applicants from countries whose GNI is between $20,000 and $30,000 will pay 2/3 of the standard application fee, or $400.
  3. Applicants from countries whose GNI is less than $20,000 will pay 1/3 of the standard application fee, or $200.

Please note that applicants from minority groups who face systemic barriers (or primarily serve clients who do) and have financial challenges can apply to have a portion of their certification fee waived. To apply for a fee waiver, applicants can fill out a request form here.

Certification Process

  • Supervisor provides supervision to therapist focusing on a specific modality attending to certification guidelines (Minimum 8 hours)
  • Supervisor reviews and approves two video examples demonstrating EFT macro and micro skills in specific modality
  • Supervisor and therapist select one video example for trainer review
  • Therapist submits one video and case conceptualization to ICEEFT on Hightail noting the trainer who has agreed to be invited to review
  • ICEEFT invites trainer through Hightail
  • Trainer provides feedback to supervisor
  • Supervisor and therapist reviews trainer feedback
  • Supervisor reviews therapist certification documentation and completes certification checklist and signs
  • Supervisor sends certification documentation and signed checklist/recommendation to certification@iceeft.com
  • ICEEFT reviews documentation, issues certificate and updates therapist status

To upload to Hightail, please click on the above button and follow the easy instructions!

** Please note that all application materials will be deleted immediately after being reviewed by ICEEFT.

EFIT Supervisor Certification process in development. More information to be released in 2024.

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