Emotion is More Than a Feeling:
The elements of emotion in action –
Lorrie Brubacher & Alison Lee

Beginning  EFT  therapists  sometimes  feel  caught in  a  cul-de-sac  of  reflecting  and  evoking  feelings and  then  asking  themselves,  “What  next?  How do I  engage  the  partners  in  accessing  and  unpacking more  of  their  experience?”  Let us take a well known, simple example, used by J.  Ledoux  in  The  Emotional  Brain,  that  illustrates how  emotions,  wired  into  […]

A Closer Look At Stage 1 – Beth Levine

I am sure, as an EFT therapist, you relish those powerful moments of Withdrawer Re-engagement.  It’s fantastic to help the Withdrawer experience his deepest fear, share his experience with his partner, stand in the face-of-fire (so to speak) and ask his partner for what he needs.  We love to share those incredible times when we […]

Don’t PRESS, Rather LEAN in and Linger – Jim Thomas

In Stage One work, we access vulnerable, primary emotions (Step 3). When a partner opens up and expresses sadness, hurt, fears and even longings, as a therapist I feel with them and for them. We may slice this emotion thin and prompt a Stage One enactment,  “Would you turn to Betty and tell her this? […]

1st EFT International School, London A Great Success! – Sandra Kaestel

In July 2016 EFT therapists from 17 countries gathered in sunny London to participate in the first multi-trainer EFT International School. We were lucky to have Gail Palmer, Scott Woolley, Rebecca Jorgensen and Zoya Simakhodskaya as inspiring and nurturing trainers for this event.  The idea behind the EFT International School was to provide intensive learning […]

News from the ​British EFT Community (BEFT) – Sandra Taylor

We are so pleased to be part of the global EFT network. BEFT Community became affiliated with ICEEFT last year, six years after Gail Palmer led the first Externship in Britain. Since 2009, many more Externships and Core Skills programmes have been facilitated by Gail Palmer, Scott Woolley and Sue Johnson. Training days on special […]