Special Interest Groups for EFT Therapists

Special Interest Groups for EFT therapists

Special interest groups continue to develop and grow within BEFT and we encourage everyone to get involved or start your own.

Current groups:

Let’s Get Certified. Contact Patty: patty.g@live.co.uk Please email Patty if you would like to attend

Neurodiversity and EFT. We meet the first Thursday of each month at 10am for approximately an hour. Our discussions are fairly wide-ranging and include, interesting articles we’ve read, research we’ve come across or are involved in, personal insights and sharing of ideas of how best to help our clients, where Neurodiversity is a feature or suspected in a relationship. We scan our articles of interest to a Google drive so we can peruse at our leisure! We are very informal and welcome new members to join us! Contact Fiona: puseyfiona@gmail.com

Diversity and Intersectionality. Contact Sophie: sophie.parry-williams@nhs.net

EFT and Sex group
We have a closed group at the moment . Richard Cole has produced an online document to support those who are interested in forming additional Sex and EFT groups. The document provides a way for interested parties to leave their details to show interest in forming a group and how to get in touch with other. It provides some resources/ useful links and topics.
Please click the here.